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Archive for May 2019

“These shorts have been life changing for me. The nerve pain without the stim was at least an 8. I wanted my legs gone. They keep me off of a handful of pharmaceuticals by treating my issues. My shorts have been working awesome – I am wearing them 6 nights a week!”

Jesi, extreme sports athlete with spinal cord injury

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“My daughter, Natalie, is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since using the Upper Extremity BioSleeve™, she now almost fully extends her left arm, will purposely reach and tries to use it. We have her BioSleeve™ on as much as possible during the day, every day.”

Betty Dubina, M.D., mother and pediatrician

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“The change was immediate. I have had virtually no loss of muscle. I have very good muscle tone and minimal spasms. These products give me the ability to sustain my life – no – I guess they give me the ability to live my life.”

Drew, complete quadriplegia due to spinal cord injury

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“I tried multiple orthotics for foot drop, but they were uncomfortable and didn’t address my hip drop. My walking was labored and very tiring because I couldn’t lift my leg from the ground. TripleFlex™ picks up my entire leg, and I can walk longer distances without fatiguing.”

Julie, TripleFlex™ patient

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