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Step 1: Scheduling

After receiving a physician referral, AxioBionics will set up an appointment with the patient to determine candidacy for Wearable Therapy®.

Patients interested in TripleFlex, or any of our other innovative devices, follow this same patient care process.

This first phase documents the patient’s history, underlying condition and physical disability, including upper and lower extremity function, gait abnormalities, trunk posture, and stability and alignment issues.

Chronic Pain Evaluation

Step 2: Evaluation

The second step is the evaluation to determine the need for and appropriateness of electrical stimulation. For a variety of reasons, not all patients respond to electrical stimulation. It is during this screening process that the clinician applies electrodes to select muscles and checks their responsiveness to the stimulus.

Patients who present with gait abnormalities may be asked to walk with and without electrical stimulation to compare the difference in dynamics and efficiency of walking and muscle control.

A beautiful woman happily running outdoors on a Summer's day

Step 3: Results

The final aspect of the evaluation is the documentation of initial results.

Sometimes it is necessary to trial electrical stimulation away from the clinical setting. If so, instructions will be given on how to apply electrodes and how to use the provided stimulator.

After the home trial is complete, a second visit with the clinician is scheduled to record results and to design and plan for a specific Wearable Therapy® product.

“I’ve seen firsthand the progress Mike made with Wearable Therapy. Mike’s pain was very debilitating, causing him to function at 35% normal capacity, often less. Disuse atrophy of the residual limb muscles happens because these muscles are severed and no longer connected to the ankle and foot. Regular use of electrical stimulation reduced Mike’s pain and atrophy.”


– Carl Hasselman, M.D., orthopedic surgeon