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We’re helping people with physical disabilities live productive and enriched lives. Our innovative approach to rehabilitation and pain management may be the key to unlocking your potential and improving your quality of life.

Do you suffer from Chronic Low Back Pain?
Does your pain wake you up in the middle of the night?
Are you unable to participate in activities you used to enjoy?


AxioBionics can effectively target your pain with our customizable BioBelt. The BioBelt is a clinically-proven, non-drug, wearable electrical stimulation system designed to melt away pain and muscle spams so you can live the life you want.




Treatment for the Effects
of Muscle Paralysis





Treatment for
Chronic Pain





Treatment for
Foot Drop





Treatment for
Foot and Hip Drop


The peace
that comes
when the
pain is gone


VIDEO: Managing Chronic Pain

VIDEO: Jessica's Muscle Therapy Story

The joy of
seeing your



“I lost 10 years of my life to pain. I tried everything to reduce the pain. I was finally pain free in just under 30 days of using Wearable Therapy. My garment, made specifically for me by AxioBionics, gave me hope and a new lease on life.”

Mike, right transtibial amputee with chronic residual limb pain

“Within the first five minutes of having the garment on he voluntarily raised his left arm (not just hand), getting his elbow well above shoulder level. I don’t remember ever seeing that before. Looks like this is going to be a great therapy tool!”

Brian, father of 17-month-old Colin

“I’ve had thousands of hours of muscle therapy without carving time from my daily life.”
David, Wearable Therapy® patient

“To watch this giant leap forward take place is just the best feeling.”
Linda, David’s mom

“Since I began using the Wearable Therapy® system, my pain is down from a 9 to a 4 and my muscle spasms are greatly reduced. I wear the Wearable Therapy® vest 22 hours a day. I wouldn’t want to live life without it.”

Richard, chronic neck and back pain due to cervical fusion

“I tried multiple orthotics for foot drop, but they were uncomfortable and didn’t address my hip drop. My walking was labored and very tiring because I couldn’t lift my leg from the ground. TripleFlex™ picks up my entire leg, and I can walk longer distances without fatiguing.”

Julie, TripleFlex™ patient

“The change was immediate. I have had virtually no loss of muscle. I have very good muscle tone and minimal spasms. These products give me the ability to sustain my life – no – I guess they give me the ability to live my life.”

Drew, complete quadriplegia due to spinal cord injury

“My daughter, Natalie, is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since using the Upper Extremity BioSleeve™, she now almost fully extends her left arm, will purposely reach and tries to use it. We have her BioSleeve™ on as much as possible during the day, every day.”

Betty Dubina, M.D., mother and pediatrician

“These shorts have been life changing for me. The nerve pain without the stim was at least an 8. I wanted my legs gone. They keep me off of a handful of pharmaceuticals by treating my issues. My shorts have been working awesome – I am wearing them 6 nights a week!”

Jesi, extreme sports athlete with spinal cord injury