Orthotics for Foot Drop

AxioBionics is a leading provider of orthotic devices for foot drop as well as many other custom and non-custom orthoses.

AxioBionics is a provider of custom &
non-custom orthotic devices.

An orthosis is any medical device used to provide support, correction, or alleviation of neuromuscular or musculoskeletal dysfunction, disease, injury, or deformity. AxioBionics’ signature line of orthoses are made of graphite material. We designed the orthoses to be extremely lightweight, open and breathable around the limb, and very comfortable around the ankle and foot structures.

Custom Graphite AFO Video


Greater comfort: The foot sits
on a soft insole, not hard plastic.

Our signature graphite orthosis is a revolution in orthotic design, comfort and freedom of movement.

The high-strength carbon graphite material is strong enough to support the lower limb with a single medial or lateral strut, yet far more comfortable than the traditional plastic orthosis.

  • High strength graphite material
  • Lightweight
  • Open, breathable design
  • Thin fit with a soft insole
  • Foot & ankle support
  • Freedom of motion or stability when needed

Absence of contact on the heel eliminates pressure and skin breakdown.


Total freedom to dorsiflex and plantar flex the ankle which induces muscle activity and strengthening.


Singular strut allows air flow around the limb so the orthosis is much cooler than traditional plastic AFOs.


When stability of the ankle is desired, the orthosis can be made rigid in place of a movable ankle.


Request an evaluation to see if an orthosis or one of our other foot drop options is appropriate for you.