WalkAide® (FES)

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) puts muscles back in control of movement, the way they're supposed to work.

AxioBionics is recognized by Innovative Neurotronics as both a "Premier" and "Pediatric" Provider of the WalkAide® Neuroprosthesis.

FES is a rehabilitation technique that generates patterns of electrical stimulation in muscles of the limbs and trunk that are coordinated in such a way as to produce purposeful movement.

Move the way you want - regain your flexibility

FES systems are designed to control muscles that are weak or paralyzed from neurological injury or disease and therefore lack the ability to contract appropriately on their own.

Unlike bracing, FES allows limbs to move freely without restriction and this may feel more natural to the patient. Besides increased function, FES promotes a healthier muscle with less atrophy and better range of motion.

Examples of FES systems offered by AxioBionics are:

  1. WalkAide® (muscles are triggered by a tilt sensor inside the device)
  2. freeSTEP™ (muscles are triggered by a heel switch placed inside the shoe)

WalkAide® FES Video

Benefits of WalkAide®

WalkAide® - It's Time to Improve Your Mobility

WalkAide® is an advanced medical device that may provide immediate and dramatic improvement in walking for patients with foot drop.

Interruption of the natural nerve-to-muscle communication between the brain and the leg inhibits one’s ability to lift the foot naturally. WalkAide® replaces this communication by sending electrical signals to the peroneal nerve, which controls movement in the ankle and foot. These gentle electrical impulses activate the muscles to raise the foot at the appropriate time during each step. The result is a smoother, more natural and safer walking motion.


Patients are evaluated for FES devices before they are determined to be a candidate.

Evaluations require at least one or more visits and possibly a home trial. Patients may be asked to undergo a comparative gait analysis walking barefoot, with orthosis and with FES.

FES walking devices are not for everyone. Patients must meet a select criteria and demonstrate the ability to walk well with the device. Training with a physical therapist may be necessary in some cases to ensure safety and to optimize gait characteristics.

If it is determined that the patient is not a candidate for FES, AxioBionics offers other novel foot drop corrective solutions.

Need more information? Read our TripleFlex or Orthotics information to learn more.

Some of the many advantages of WalkAide® for treatment of foot drop may include:

  • Unrestricted ankle motion that allows the foot to dorsiflex using the very muscles intended to pick the foot up.
  • Freedom to wear almost any type of shoe, or no shoes (if appropriate).
  • Reduces muscle disuse atrophy, relaxation of muscle spasms, improves joint range of motion and increases circulation.

Request an evaluation to see if WalkAide® or one of our other foot drop options is appropriate for you.