The MyoPro®

The MyoPro® is a Myoelectric Arm Orthosis designed to support a weak or paralyzed arm.

With the orthosis, an individual may be able to return to levels of function and perform activities of daily living including feeding, reaching and lifting.

The MyoPro® can enable individuals to self-initiate and control movements of a partially paralyzed or weakened arm using their own muscle signals. 

MyoPro® Overview Video

When the user tries to bend their arm, sensors in the brace detect the weak muscle signal, which activates the motor to move the arm in the desired direction. The user is completely controlling their own arm.

Michelle-MyoPro® User Video

Alex-MyoPro® User Video

The MyoPro® is intended for individuals with neuromuscular disorders that have resulted in a paralyzed arm.

The MyoPro® is designed to facilitate functional rehabilitation including:

  • Muscle Re-education
  • Maintaining and Increasing Range of Motion

An individual with limited mobility or long-term muscle weakness in the hand and arm due to a neurological movement disorder, injury or other condition may be a candidate.


The MyoPro® is worn in support of regaining functional use of the affected arm and possibly returning to several activities of daily living (ADS).

It is designed for ease of use, enabling patients to don and operate it at home. With the MyoPro, everyday tasks such as eating, dressing, carrying objects and doing various other household tasks may now be done again. Many people are able to return to work and pursue their hobbies.

Examples of Functional Goals:

  • Eating - user can hold food down with fork attachment while cutting with non-affected side, improves hand to mouth motion
  • Carrying objects (bilaterally or unilaterally) - laundry basket, purse, shopping bags, etc.
  • Safety - user can carry objects with affected side while allowing non-affected side to use their walking aid or otherwise stabilize themselves throughout the task

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