My vision and philosophy for AxioBionics is that people with physical disabilities should have a reasonable chance at a productive and enriched life. I started my career as a specialist in orthotic design, which by nature constrains the body and restricts muscle activity and movement. This seemed counterintuitive when there is so much potential inherent in the body.

While orthotics will always have a solid place in rehabilitation, electrical stimulation, a technology that unleashes the vast resources of the body, is a new frontier that frees the body in ways previously not possible.  

At AxioBionics, we are committed to helping people fulfill their dream of a better life with less interference from pain and disability. We are committed to pushing the rehabilitation envelope to seek new ways to enhance lives.

Philip Muccio, CPO
President and Founder

AxioBionics is the culmination of more than three decades of research and clinical experience in the art and science of orthotics, prosthetics, and neuroprosthetics.


PHILIP MUCCIO, founder & CEO of AxioBionics is one of today's top medical technology innovators whose work helped redefine the way quality of life is improved in traumatic injury patients worldwide. He combined a background in prosthetics, orthotics and a keen eye for medical electronics to engineer custom-designed wearable neuro-prosthetics.

As a passionate explorer, Mr. Muccio spent his formidable years researching ways of improving the science of neuro-rehabilitation through his own brand of neuro-prosthetics. His work achieved prominent success for the many sufferers of spinal cord, traumatic brain injuries and other debilitating issues. His first-generation "suit" in 1995 resolved a patient's chronic pain from fibromyalgia. Since then, his patented concepts of applying controlled and strategically placed electrodes within a garment for long-term exposure became a game-changer for patients suffering from pain and paralysis.

His driving inspirations were sparked by a critical review of pain medications and solutions like orthotic devices and wheelchairs- all made available to limit range of motion and reduce the physiological benefit of active musculature. Mr. Muccio found his calling to form what he refers to as "Tapping into the resources of the human body" by reigniting the body's ability to contract muscles and expand range of motion without imposing restrictions to movement or forcing dependency on the musculo-skeletal system. "Crutch solutions instill a failed reliance on that tool and can rob the patient of valuable muscle strength… while decreasing the brain's role in the movement process. By restricting an injured area or allowing muscles to remain dormant, you're not promoting communication between the brain and the affected muscles and that can have deleterious consequences."

The success and public recognition of AXIOBIONICS has many parallels to Mr. Muccio's organic philosophies as a patient care provider. He is a talented strategist and a world class problem solver for patients with complex neuromuscular disorders. His deep commitment to this emerging field spans countless decades of research and amassed extensive scientific findings to benefit the continued expansion of his technologies.


A testament to his technology development is an ever-expanding catalog of wearable therapeutic devices to suit some of the most profound needs, each created to make a true difference in the lives of the many injury cases helped by AxioBionics.

Philip Muccio received the 2019 Crain's Healthcare Heroes Award, the 2020 Marion (Kit) McDonnell "Closing the Divide" Award and the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Michigan and UCP of Metropolitan Detroit have also recognized him for his longstanding commitment to the disabled community. His latest achievement is being honored by the AngioFoundation and the Integrative Pain Healers Alliance for his innovative leadership in expanding medical technology. Mr. Muccio continues to expand his research-based achievements, what he calls Axio 2.0 which includes therapeutics for sports, first responders, military and other patient groups.

About AxioBionics

AxioBionics designs, manufactures, and fits a wide array of innovative and life-changing medical devices for people with medical conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Our central focus is to promote and foster a healthier body by encouraging joint movement, muscle activation, and maximization of the body's potential.

Our products use the body to its own advantage. Instead of freezing joints, we liberate them. Instead of allowing muscles to lay dormant, we encourage them. Instead of succumbing to pain and disability, we find ways to overcome problems by using the body's own physiological processes to ease them.



We want you to focus on living rather than on the challenges of the body...