Alleviation of Chronic Pain and Muscle Spasms with Wearable Therapy®

Chronic pain is a significant and disabling medical condition that can limit one’s capacity to work, sleep, and enjoy life.

We want to partner with you in the battle against pain. Even if other treatments have failed you, we may be able to help.

Wearable Therapy® Chronic Pain Stories

Wearable Therapy® Pain Video

Pain Management with Wearable Therapy®


Wearable Therapy®

Wearable Therapy® is a conservative, low-risk, non-invasive, non-pharmacological modality. Candidacy is determined by a physician-prescribed evaluation.


Pain Alleviation

Wearable Therapy®, an FDA-cleared pain management medical device, suppresses pain by delivering low-level electrical impulses to areas surrounding pain.


Spasm Relief

Electrical stimulation may help suppress muscle spasms as well as pain, which can help the patient feel even better.

Wearable Therapy® Manages Pain and Muscle Atrophy


Chronic pain can weaken muscles as activity decreases. Patients can lose the ability to work, exercise or function normally.

Patients may become so debilitated that any function lasting longer than 15-30 minutes, including activities of daily living, sitting and walking, may be very difficult or impossible.

We can help you find relief in a way that makes sense without drugs or invasive procedures.  Once you have Wearable Therapy®, you are in control of how and when you use it.




Wearable Therapy® prompts the nervous system to suppress the transmission and perception of pain.




Wearable Therapy® can be worn throughout the day to help eliminate pain and muscle spasms.






Wearable Therapy® can be tailored and personalized for the extremities including the lower extremities to treat leg and foot pain.





Wearable Therapy® is a low-risk, non-invasive modality that you wear when you need it.






Electrical Stimulation May Have an Immediate and Profound Affect on Pain

Some patients can achieve excellent results the first day of the trial.

Wearable Therapy® is a non-pharmacological method of managing pain by allowing the body to suppress pain without medications.




Muscle Spasm Relief

Muscle spams are involuntary muscle contractions in which muscles contract and relax in response to pain or injury.

Sometimes muscle spasms are so intense that they add an additional layer of pain on top of existing pain. Electrical stimulation may help suppress muscle spasms as well as pain, which can help the patient feel even better.








With chronic pain, even the most basic aspects of life are a challenge.







Don't let chronic pain get in the way of living.



Movement can create the moment.






Injuries can happen to the best of us. That doesn't mean you should be forgotten.






If you want to get back to what you love or just find a better way to manage your pain, we can help.


The Wearable Therapy® Pain Evaluation

All patients are pre-screened and undergo a comprehensive evaluation with an Axiobionics clinician before determining if they are a candidate for Wearable Therapy®.

This information helps us determine candidacy and to know how effective Wearable Therapy® is over time.

Axiobionics utilizes the visual analog scale and other measures to understand the patient’s level of pain and disability on the first day of the evaluation and compares this to the results generated with Wearable Therapy®.

While results vary from patient to patient and not all patients are candidates, some patients can achieve excellent results the first day of the trial.

An evaluation gives the patient a very good idea how well the system will work before it is purchased.


Live Life the Way You Want:


“I was injured in Iraq while working as a contractor for the Department of Defense. This injury led to a cervical fusion and resulted in considerable amount of pain since the accident in 2010. Since I began using the Wearable Therapy® system, my pain is down from a 9 to a 4 and my muscle spasms are greatly reduced.

I wear the Wearable Therapy® vest 22 hours a day. I wouldn't want to live life without it. Life is far more tolerable. I don't have the sharp pains that I once had and that has improved my quality of my life.”

-Richard, Chronic Neck and Back Pain