Wearable Therapy® Technology

Wearable Therapy's® unique approach to rehabilitation and pain management may be the key to unlocking your potential and improving quality of life.

Because we understand the seriousness of the medically complex patient, we have carefully designed Wearable Therapy® and our approach to medical care to maximize results.  Explore the Wearable Therapy® difference.



There’s power in the wearability of Wearable Therapy®

Wearable Therapy® is an integration of one or more surface electrical stimulation (TENS, NMES, FES) technologies with a personalized electrode garment bundled together in a complete package.


Wearable Therapy® can only be fit by a qualified clinician after receiving a thorough evaluation. 

We Believe in Personalized Care

Axiobionics takes extraordinary measures to personalize our patient care solutions. We understand the nature and complexity of physical disabilities and do not take for granted the seriousness of what’s at stake or the impact on quality of life. Our patients depend on our ability to assess their concerns and develop a treatment plan that meets their needs.



Evaluations are one-on-one visits with our clinician who will take the time to know the patient’s medical history and guide the patient through an in-clinic trial as well as a home trial, if indicated. We'll do everything possible to ensure that Wearable Therapy® is the right fit for you.


Tailored Fittings

Wearable Therapy® systems are individualized and tailored to ensure the product fits perfectly to the body and that it meets all comfort and performance expectations. We understand the importance of getting it right.


Ongoing Support

Axiobionics is committed to supporting the patient through the entire Wearable Therapy® process. Many of our patients will go on to use Wearable Therapy® for the rest of their life - We follow patients closely to monitor compliance, safety, changes in response to the device, changes in fit of the garment, and we document outcomes over time.

How Does Wearable Therapy® Make a Difference?

Improves Therapy Time

Traditional clinic-based therapy and electrotherapy are time-limited therapies, but Wearable Therapy® elevates the amount of therapy time because it is worn on the body. Making muscles work on a daily basis is critical in the rehabilitation process. Active muscle contractions have beneficial effects that passive movement cannot deliver.

Wearable Therapy® can be worn on the body under clothing for many hours throughout the day, every day. Patients can also elect to wear them for one to two hours at home where it is convenient and efficient to not leave the home.


Error-free Lead Wire Connection

All Wearable Therapy® systems are equipped with lead wires that are connected in the garment in the configuration specific to the patient. This avoids any potential errors in the way the patient would connect the electrical stimulation device to individual electrodes and helps keep the therapy consistent from session to session.


Efficient Electrode Placement

For surface electrical stimulation to be successful, electrodes must be placed over key locations of the body. Errors in placement can cause discomfort to the patient or lead to poor contractions that reduce therapeutic benefits.

When applied to the body, Wearable Therapy® locates each electrode accurately and consistently. This is especially helpful when applying electrodes to the backside of the body where it is difficult to reach.


Secured for Movement & Sweat

Keeping electrodes affixed to the body is the only way electrical stimulation can transmit impulses to underlying muscles. Self-adhering electrodes lose their hold when patients move, sweat or wear them under clothing.

Wearable Therapy® electrodes, however, are held to the body by the garment. The garment allows the wearer to have mobility during the time it is worn without electrodes detaching.


Clean, Untangled Lead Wires

All Wearable Therapy® systems embed its lead wires inside the garment to protect them, but what is more important, the design prevents them from becoming entangled with the patient or restricting motion as the patient walks or moves about in life.


Durable, BioGel Velcro Electrodes

BioGel Velcro Electrodes are uniquely designed to conduct electricity  by applying a thin, moist layer of conductive gel to the surface of skin. The BioGel Velcro Electrode has many advantages over adhesive electrodes.



“I’ve seen firsthand the progress Mike made with Wearable Therapy®. Mike’s pain was very debilitating, causing him to function at 35% normal capacity, often less. Disuse atrophy of the residual limb muscles happens because these muscles are severed and no longer connected to the ankle and foot. Regular use of electrical stimulation reduced Mike’s pain and atrophy.”

-Carl Hasselman, M.D., orthopedic surgeon